viernes, 27 de abril de 2007


There is a special event that makes me fly and it is related with time and our need for endless time for the things we like ......I fly in the flight of the hummingbird´s wings when he comes to suck the "fucsia" plant that is in front of the window of my back garden This beautiful little bird makes quick sudden movements around the plant moving its wings so quickly that it is almost difficult to see them. It is like a dance that is always unpredictable and all of a sudden he dissapears. I always remain with a strange feeling of sadness because they show how impossible is to enjoy more of their magnificient dance and how impossible would be to keep them or make them keep flying for our pleasure. They are like many beautiful things that come to us in life but will go in a definite time because that is the way life is, we are always greedy with nice things and want to keep them for long but the hummingbird shows me that all beautiful things have their time and it is determined how long they will stay for us.

viernes, 20 de abril de 2007


Rootlessness……….yes I think I am rather rootless, that is why I “travel” in my mind to other places to find that spot that could make me feel attached to....but I do not find it and I do not think I would ever find it discarting others. I really prefer to be an outsider. I admire and enjoy diversity I seldom feel comfortable in my place. I am like a foreigner in my own land. Looking at the good side of this I think I am lucky to be as free as a bird with no flag, no frontiers, no cliché personal identification.
Most wars are because people fight for their land, their culture, their traditions. I only watch and admire so many cultures, so many lands, so many traditions and so much diversity that it is impossible to feel that the wonderful tapestry of differences cannot be worth and wonderful.