martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Inner voice

sounds from nowhere

stayed just into your head

it sounded like murmurs and orders

could not understand that disorder

but you had no other choice

it is impossible to know

how neurons produce a voice

they just function and they show

becoming invisible enemy

and will make them believe in evil

poor guy that is enough

to make others run fast

domingo, 12 de julio de 2009


I like these ideas about thinking:

- Thoughts are the parents of feelings

- I am free to think what I want: I am the owner of my thoughts

miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Strangers - Extraños

strangers in the day

in the night and eye to eye

love at first sight

I could not recognize

when he passed by my side

extraños allá extraños aquí

y en la quebrada del ají

amor a primera vista

no dejó ninguna pista

(I wanted to do a spanish version "quebrada del ají" we say when we mean an unknown place...)

sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

Comportamiento humano - Human behavior

difícil es definir

lo que humano quiere decir

o que explique totalmente

toda la gran confusión

que un hombre tiene en su mente

y conforma la raíz

de todo comportamiento

it is hard to define

what human is meant to be

or accurately define

all the big confussion

a person has in his soul

conforming oh yes! the source

of men and women behavior