viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2007


it tiptoes when hiding,
it marches to the war
delightful under the trees

painful over the stones
it hesitates in a cross road
like a feather when in love

heavy when it is hot
full of pomp when getting married
may stumble when getting old
slow after closing a door

quick under the storm
sometimes leaves lasting footsprints

sometimes it talks in silent roads
it only stops when facing
the sea in its eternal roar

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2007

I carry

I carry wounds
I carry flowers in the wounds
I carry happiness
I carry sweet words
I carry many smiles
I´ve got to give them
Here they are
Take them
Make them bloom

jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2007

Money on the ground

I have never worried much about money even when I am not a rich person. I do not like to manage money, make transactions or keep money for the future. Even when it may seem naive, I have always thought that I will have money if I need it. I am fully aware that the best of life will not be accomplished with money.
Once I heard of a man that found money in the garbage and went to the police to give the money back Many times I have wondered what would I do if I find a big amount of money somewhere. Well I have found money on the ground several times but just coins, but once I found a bill when I was needing it
That happened some years ago I was walking by the street. I had to buy something but I did not have enough money. Suddenly I look to the ground and behind a fence of a public parking lot I saw a red bill of 5.000 chilean pesos. I walked to the corner and turn right to enter the parking. I entered walking in a normal speed so nobody could imagine I was “in a hurry” for something special. I saw the bill there like in a nest waiting for me. I picked it up and walked very slowly out of the place with my heart beating hard.