viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2007


it tiptoes when hiding,
it marches to the war
delightful under the trees

painful over the stones
it hesitates in a cross road
like a feather when in love

heavy when it is hot
full of pomp when getting married
may stumble when getting old
slow after closing a door

quick under the storm
sometimes leaves lasting footsprints

sometimes it talks in silent roads
it only stops when facing
the sea in its eternal roar

8 comentarios:

UL dijo...

Oh the feet, forever walking! So perfect a post ! Loved your poetry!

gautami tripathy dijo...

You covered all walks of life in that dainty poem.


paisley dijo...

that was lovely,,, i loved all the variations.....

Rob Kistner dijo...

This was really engaging... ;)

Crafty Green Poet dijo...

I like that one!

Awareness dijo...

great take on the prompt! Lovely full of emotion feet!

I really enjoyed this.

Linda dijo...

Very cool way of describing all the walks of life. That ocean image at the end is my favorite.

tumblewords dijo...

Perfect, just perfect! A gentle walk through life...