viernes, 31 de agosto de 2007

No end - Sin final

Who can quite explain

what happens in the soul

when love is born or dies?

For me it was born of whispers

in the middle of the night

suddenly and without warning

my heart was changed

and I wanted to shout in silence

for the wonderful discovery

that I was capable of everything

almost, almost like God.

The midday sun

shining with new brilliance

showed me humbly

in ways magic and beautiful

all the goodness of the earth.

I can't explain, I know,

about the end of this feeling

since it remained with me

I am sure forever

Sin final

¿Quien puede dar cuenta exacta

de lo que pasa en el alma

cuando el amor nace o muere?

Para mí nació en murmullo

cuando en medio de la noche

de pronto y sin aviso

se mudó mi corazón,

y quise gritar callando

por la hermosa convicción

de que era capaz de todo

casi, casi como Dios.

Y en medio del día el sol

brillando con fuerza nueva

me mostró con humildad

de forma mágica y bella

todo lo bueno en la tierra

No puedo dar cuenta sé,

del final del sentimiento,

ya que se quedó conmigo

estoy segura para siempre

sábado, 25 de agosto de 2007

Delight in despair

Some time ago I usually had to cross a kilometer at night to get to the school I worked in the mountains. When we forgot to carry the lantern we had to walk in the dark...the experience was frightening, strange but beautiful because it made us face nature without any modern "weapon" but our body

Walking in the dark
walking on the stones
of a muddy road
in winter with rain
The feeling of nothingness
in front of my face
my hand avoids touching
the barbed wire fence
The wind of the night
talking to the trees
makes the leaves to whisper
jingle bell like words
That sinking feeling
makes me taste
the pleasure of finding
delight in despair

viernes, 10 de agosto de 2007

The scary of the "maqui"

When I was a child I spent the summer in the country. That place in the mountains had some thermal baths and my cousin and I used to go there to spend the time under the sun and into the rock tub. A big stream of water came out of the rock and fell into the rock tub. It was very nice to stay there listening to the roaming of the water as it dropped into the tub.
We always went there walking and we sometimes stopped on the road to eat some grains of a bush called “maqui” . It has a little grain that it is black when it is ripe and ready to be eaten. We ate that and our mouth and tongue were completely black after eating it. We had to be very careful not to let some grains fell on our clothes because it was difficult to remove the black stains.
A day that we were walking to that place we suddenly heard the galloping of a horse approaching . We looked to the road and saw a horse galloping in the same direction. We moved to the side to watch and let him pass. A man was on the horse and he had a whip in his hand. He moved the whip all the way round crying unintelligible loud words.As we saw him we could see his face blackened by the grains of maqui, we were frightened and began to run. He began galloping harder behind us. As he could not cross the fence we did cross it and hided among the bushes. He cried and cried a lot saying strange words. We thought he was drunk. That time was the most scary I had spent during my childhood We had to stay there for a long time and after some minutes that seemed to be hourse he began galloping again and lost in the distance