sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

"Language is the source of misunderstanding"

I am  fond  of reading, I have read many books but there is a book I have read many times and I always enjoy reading it again. That is The little Prince. Each time I read it  I discover  new beauty and wisdom  in it, new  tenderness and my heart fills with sweet  emotions that I  revive each time I read it. . The Little Prince is my favourite book ever. 

sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

No hesitation - Sin vacilación

with everlasting flow
the seed surrenders
to the fresh dark womb
that the earth possesses,
without  hesitation she waits
for the sun´s  caress
which turns multicolored
both the ash and the earth,
she does not know other joy
better than to be reborn
she never minds the moil
longing to adorn the soil
mastering the land
her desire hides
the end of the start

en un flujo eterno
la semilla se entrega
al vientre oscuro y fresco
que le brinda la tierra,
sin vacilar espera
del sol esa caricia
que vuelve arcoiris
la tierra y la ceniza,
no tiene otra alegría
que nacer algún día
no conoce otro anhelo
que adornar ese suelo
dominando la greda
esconde en ese intento
el final del comienzo