sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

No hesitation - Sin vacilación

with everlasting flow
the seed surrenders
to the fresh dark womb
that the earth possesses,
without  hesitation she waits
for the sun´s  caress
which turns multicolored
both the ash and the earth,
she does not know other joy
better than to be reborn
she never minds the moil
longing to adorn the soil
mastering the land
her desire hides
the end of the start

en un flujo eterno
la semilla se entrega
al vientre oscuro y fresco
que le brinda la tierra,
sin vacilar espera
del sol esa caricia
que vuelve arcoiris
la tierra y la ceniza,
no tiene otra alegría
que nacer algún día
no conoce otro anhelo
que adornar ese suelo
dominando la greda
esconde en ese intento
el final del comienzo

23 comentarios:

Dee Martin dijo...

love the line "hides the end of the start"! Great poem!

Obsidian Eagle (ItzQuauhtli) dijo...

Bella metafora!

Un poquito de ayuda con la version Ingles:

without hesitation she waits
for that solar caress
which turns multicolored
both the ash and the earth,
she does not know any other joy
better than to be reborn

mastering the land
her desire conceals
the final end of her start

Vale? Espero que si (y que todo este bien alla en Chile).

zoya gautam dijo...

beautiful ..

anthonynorth dijo...

That last line is excellent.

Amity dijo...

for the love of nature, it will survive and be born again...:)without hesitation!

lovely poem indeed...thanks for sharing...:)

Anónimo dijo...

Don't know which to like more - English or Spanish :)

SandyCarlson dijo...

To be like that! So unselfconscious and fully alive.

Loch Rob dijo...

The great circle of growth, maturity, seeds falling, emergence, and the cycle begins again. Very nice.

Sandra (if) dijo...

thanks....I appreciate very much your time Obsidian Eagle...(veo mi problema con adjetivos...y la palabra which / that...is terrible for me...:)
creo que siempre será mejor mi español steerforth...:)

Sweetest in the Gale dijo...

Oh, so beautiful! Lush words filled with meaning.

Americanising Desi dijo...

loved the last line!

Frantic Fluency

Jim dijo...

Just tell it like it is except that you, Sandra, have a very nice poem in the doing of it.
Your word, "moil," caused me to skip over to the dictionary. It's a perfect choice here.

Lilibeth dijo...

I loved the poem...both in English and Spanish, although I must admit that arcoiris sounds better than multicolored. Viva fluencia...or however you say it in Spanish.

mia dijo...

lovely ode to amazing earth and
the changing of seasons.

Anónimo dijo...

Lovely poem that applies to so much more than nature. I had to look up moil too. perfect.

Sandra (if) dijo...

I have had the experience of looking up words that people that write in spanish as a second language had used....:)

Tumblewords: dijo...

How lovely and peaceful this is - knowing and gentle.

Andrée dijo...

No hesitation! Great work, a nice turn on the theme.
Andree's OSI: Hesitation

spacedlaw dijo...

A wonderful tale of anticipation.

Anónimo dijo...

amazing how seeds need no help from us!!!....perennials are as such you speak...every year they bring a bloom, die back only to be reborn again...and in the process bring more along...amazing....i think thaz why i love to garden a true reflection of life living...as you have expressed in your post so eloquently....

Patti dijo...

Love it and can not wait for spring's flowers!!!

gabrielle dijo...

Sometimes we forget we are part of this eternal cycle, no? Beautiful!
Being able to enjoy in both tongues just makes the experience so much richer.

Marinela Reka dijo...

Very delightful read, thanks for sharing :)