viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008

Beyond the limits we know

Maybe I am skeptical. It it strange and difficult to understand that if there were any kind of intelligent creatures beyond our limits why nobody has come closer enough to make us know about them. Why all the information we have is so mysterious and full of contradictions? Maybe the idea is that we will never know each other because that is the will of the master of the universe called God or any other name that you want to give to Him. We are living perhaps different degrees of difficulties in different states so as to achieve perfection. I do believe that the earth is the material world and there are many other spiritual worlds waiting for us out there in the space.

jueves, 20 de marzo de 2008


I arrive to the border of your feelings
I look at your heart from the edge
Tiptoeing I come closer
I am suddenly afraid
I do not dare to take a step
I talk to myself:
Beware, don´t fall, wait

sábado, 15 de marzo de 2008

The greatest mystery

Life is full of mysteries. I enjoy trying to solve what is beyond my understanding. Life is a great mystery begining with ourselves. We are full of desires, doubts and contradictions. We generally arrive to life in a place that we did not choose....but we are there ...why?...what is the purpose of all that? . We are always in the need for something that makes us feel sure that the way we are traveling is the best, it is the most appropiate, is the right one. When we have to make choices it is sometimes difficult to decide because there is a mystery about the way thing will develop after our decision.
The good part of mistery is that life is in front of us open to our choices and showing us that we are free to choose. Life is full of quests and new roads to travel and to discover. Life is the greatest mystery.