martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Inner voice

sounds from nowhere

stayed just into your head

it sounded like murmurs and orders

could not understand that disorder

but you had no other choice

it is impossible to know

how neurons produce a voice

they just function and they show

becoming invisible enemy

and will make them believe in evil

poor guy that is enough

to make others run fast

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SandyCarlson dijo...

What an interesting piece. How is it that our awareness, our souls are neurons in action? Chemistry and spirit--one reality.

Jim dijo...

Well, I am thinking of sounds from nowhere. Of course there is the ear ringing that I have constantly. It came from the firework cannon of a rock group that went off about six feet from me.
I won't run fast from you as I can accept your inner sounds that only you can hear. I have a few private ones myself. Some sneaked in, others wedged their way in while I was cognizant of there actions. :-)

if dijo...

...I know there are several reasons someone may "hear voices" ...:)when I created this I was thinking about hallucinations or psychosis...Thank you Sandy !...Jim I like to read your explanations...!

Bobbie dijo...

I like this. Very deep and interesting. It's a read that make you think.

Patti dijo...

Nicely done~ It is so true that our inner voice can be our invisible enemy~

Jim dijo...

I thank you for looking in at my Ruby Red post and for leaving your nice comment, both here and there.
BTW, did you scroll on down to read my OSI? It was the next post on down.

gabrielle dijo...

This is wonderfully lucid. It is uncomfortable but not frightening. I will not run. I want to stay.

if dijo...


Tumblewords: dijo...

So true - I don't always 'trust' my inner voice...:) Nice work!

zoya gautam dijo...

how neurons produce a voice --

without a doubt some probing words there --

it is a mystery -

example -

what does the inner voice answer if asked a 1000 times -

should i do such and such bad thing ?

.. theologists,sociologists,psychologists,anthroplogists. they are all at work ..and have their own views

many thanks fo writing this ..

zoya gautam dijo...

typo : cmnt above /anthropologists /for writing this _ (apologies)

Americanising Desi dijo...

this has made my stupid head think!
and that makes it a brilliant piece :)

Tammie Lee dijo...

my inner voice has given me very direct information before that turned out quite accurate. Neurons or spirit... maybe we have both.

if dijo...

yes Tammie Lee...I think we have both.

The Dark Lord dijo...

A lovely read.. great use of the prompt.. illustrating the chaotic and confusing aspect of "inner voice"...