sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Lápiz grafito - Graphite pencil

Lapiz grafito pequeño

Lo que escribes no perdura

Siempre recuerdo tu esencia

Que aprendí con inocencia

Ese olor tan especial

Que en mi mano yo sentía

Cuando aprendía a escribir

A la luz de aquellos dias

small graphite pencil

what you write will never last

I always remember your scent

that I learnt in innocence

that so very special fragance

that in my hand I used to hold

when I learned how to write

under bright light long ago

5 comentarios:

anthonynorth dijo...

This brings memories of when I first began to write. Nicely done.

lissa dijo...

I think of a child at the beginning of learning how to use tools to express him or herself, I especially like the mention of bright lights

gabrielle dijo...

"Siempre recuerdo tu esencia...
A la luz de aquellos dias"

Thank you for the poems side by side. I love to read this aloud as it was dreamed.

if dijo...

thanks to you......my english is not always so good........sorry for the mistakes I often do

The Dark Lord dijo...

Ah, beautiful! Profoundly nostalgic, bringing back memories of our youth!