sábado, 19 de abril de 2008


Compose is an order
that makes you say things in disorder,
compose is a good way
to say what you don´t want to tell,
compose is an emotion
full of contradictions and cautious,
sometimes lawless and a liar
a spot in time, not reliable,
compose is a scratch,
that you make on the ground
ând will vanish soon
when the rain washes your mourning,
compose is a soft whisper
that flies high in the air
disappearing in despair,
compose are those ideas
that can make you laugh or cry
hot cold sad or happy tears
that you can no longer hide
when they are breaking your heart

6 comentarios:

Granny Smith dijo...

Lovely wistful words that seem to say that some emotions cannot fit into a composition. Am I interpeting this correctly?

arboleda dijo...

the possibility that they fit even when they are twisted Granny Smith!!

Greyscale Territory dijo...

Beautiful exploration of all the "tiers" and fragments of "compose".


Bluebethley dijo...

The poem begins with opposites, order/disorder, then into the most lovely reflections. My favorite line is "compose is a scratch that you make on the ground and will vanish soon". What a rich series of definitions of "compose". I'm not as sure what is meant by the ending for the line "compose are those ideas" mixes verbs with verbs, but maybe I am being too literal and this doesn't matter at all, for the poem carries itself well.

tumblewords dijo...

Ah, nicely done, nicely done!

arboleda dijo...

i would like to know if I may say:
"when the rain washes in mourn"?