viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2008


A sudden certainty is born

when two strangers

stand under the blue sky

watching the clouds pass

sense an unknown

feeling of waiting for

someone who will soon arrive

have they already met?

maybe in a dream or a glance,

both sitting in a train, or a bus

or waiting in a queue

yesterday or last month?

they are still strangers

but they know

they can not escape fate

or make destiny happen

for good or bad

8 comentarios:

Lilly dijo...

nice work!

Rinkly Rimes dijo...

A great feeling of Destiny.

anthonynorth dijo...

An excellent, and deep, post.

mspennylane dijo...

That is a beautiful thought. I love thinking about life in that way. Strangers just waiting to meet each other...

~*sis*~ dijo...

beautiful! :)

B. Roan dijo...

I recall one specific incident when I was introduced to a stranger and felt as if I already knew the person. Another lifetime? Food for thought. Excellent post.

Linda Jacobs dijo...

I love the image you start with of the strangers standing under the blue sky!

tumblewords dijo...

Oh, I like this! Warm. Hopeful!