domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008


To believe in full

I have to find the truth

I trust my emotions

and want with devotion

deciphering signs

difficult to understand

love is a matter of touch

and never blooms in the far

like little Prince´s rose needs

daily watering to exist

3 comentarios:

John Tran dijo...

Nice little poem... I suppose to believe is different from having faith, where no truth is required. Love definitely requires nurturing.

floreta dijo...

thanks for commenting on my blog and adding to your links! love this simple poem and the idea of nurturing love like watering a plant. i've thought of it in that way many times, but also, needing air (space) to breathe. i like the part about having to search for truth in order to believe.

gautami tripathy dijo...

love this short verse. it conveys so much

guts wrench out.....

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