miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Time of asking

where is God? the teacher asks
at church the children say
where is God? she insists
on the cross they repeat
where is God? listen please
in heaven, in earth and in all place
 thinking about that time of asking
I know  that in us  is His grace

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Jim dijo...

This is a very good poem. Sometimes we adults do not appreciate how hard it is for children to learn concepts. Especially ones that they can't see for themselves. We just have to take it on faith that God is Who He is, the Great I Am.

God is omniscient (knows and is aware of everything) and omnipresent (He is everywhere all the time). But that is hard to teach children. In the U.S. they think of Santa Claus having those properties.

Jim dijo...

You may not wish to keep this comment.
The word 'kinky' has several meanings. One is very, very, tightly curled hair.

Another, and in my poem relates, is a weird behavior. It can be just strange and on further to sexual strangeness behavior traits.

My poem I meant very weird but not necessarily sexual misbehavior. Biting ears and making them bleed is kinky behavior.

In Texas we had a man run for governor named Kinky Freidman. He was weird acting (actually a poet and writer) but not harmful.

Look the word up in Wikipedia.
Both of these are on there.

"I hope this helps, 'Dr. Jim'."

if dijo...

Hi Jim.......thanks for your comment and explaining that word...:)

Ange dijo...

Your blog too is interesting. And thought provoking...

Poornima dijo...

Nice one...

Anónimo dijo...

Yes and whatever/whoever one perceives God to be. I am liking your words, you. These questions and answers and how you've empasized God; using only his name with a capital letter.

SandyCarlson dijo...

Well done, my friend.