sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010


I wanted to know others
I wanted to know myself
but I have found  meaningless words,
I have listened to the sounds of silence
and I am acquainted with the messages of the rain
all I needed it was to listen and to wait,
the sunny road, the stones and the trees
have shown their completeness to me
they never hide what they mean
they are open and they stay
making me know
that I am a part of them

16 comentarios:

Jeeves dijo...

Making me know that Iam part of them...Brilliant lines here.

Amity dijo...

that even nature wanted to be an expert of the world that exists around...:)

beautiful words Sandra! thanks for sharing them and your participation on my prompt suggestion!

have a beautiful Sunday!

Jim dijo...

Sometimes we learn better from experiencing than from trying to learn from our human teachers.
Very nice reading, Sandra.

gautami tripathy dijo...

Wonderful lines. A pleasure!

musty scent of love

Leo dijo...

i agree with Jeeves here, that line was the best in a beautiful poem :)

anthonynorth dijo...

Beautifully done.

Loch Rob dijo...

Out in nature, it is hard not to feel a part of it all. Especially areas that are beautiful and remote. I just wish that beauty could give me a hug and say, I love you.

Sandra (if) dijo...

your words are beautiful too.....thanks!

SisterJulia dijo...

and I am acquainted with the messages of the rain
That line is so especially full of quiet sensation...quite lovely.

Yes there is something that trains us, most expertly in the nature of ourselves, hidden in the silences of nature.

Anónimo dijo...

Have to admit that I haven't read anything alike for a long time. Impressed by its honestly, a deep bow in respect of your writing.

daily athens

SandyCarlson dijo...

Beautiful openness and peace. Thank you.

Tumblewords: dijo...

...to listen and to wait... so wise and lovely.

Lorena dijo...

beautiful piece, I can totally relate

gabrielle dijo...

Words can be empty, barbed or full of hidden meanings, but the sky is always open. Beautiful sense of discovery and belonging expressed.

Patti dijo...

I love this Sandra! It fits exactly to where I am right no in my heart! Thanks!

Heliotropism dijo...

Wow, perfectly written!