lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

The "grand finale"

You told me about the “grand finale”:
dozens of fireworks launched all at once,
the light burning into the eyes'memory,
rapid explosions echoing throughout the body
creating short gasps of breath.

If you know the secret,you said,
you must look away, for a moment,
from the instantly blooming flowers of light,
at your lover´s eyes,
there you will see the blossoms,
in exquisitely delicate miniature.

The look upon the faces reveals
the innocence and wonder of childhood,
and shows a part of beauty
you have rarely seen
and should never forget

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Anónimo dijo...


SandyCarlson dijo...

There is a wistfulness about finales despite their bright lights and excitement. Closure and distance follow, and this can be lonely. I think you have captured this.
Writing in Faith: Poems

Bluebethley dijo...

Your poem resonates with lovely language and close observation. That last stanza confuses me a bit, for the intimate "you" of the first and second stanza is not the same as the "you" in the last stanza. Yet the wonder of the experience comes through beautifully.

arboleda dijo...

yes...bluebethley...your wondering is correct ...this event was told to me but a dear friend of mine and they are mostly his words...

one more believer dijo...

fireworks... you have caught the light reflected beautifully...

Raven dijo...

"a part of beauty you have rarely seen and should never forget." Lovely.

zoya gautam dijo...

..the last stanza has the soft twang of a lullaby..thanks

WillThink4Wine dijo...

Oh, the excitement of a fireworks finale and gazing into your lover'e eyes! Lovely.

Roswila dijo...

That middle stanza is wonderful, filled with the delight one has when actually viewing fireworks.

Thunkful dijo...

I once saw an eclipse of the moon, in the way your friend describes. I will never forget, though at times I wish I could.

Tammie Lee dijo...

yes yes yes. Lovely writing too!