sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2009

Where are the keys?

The things fly through the air,
the diskettes, the cds, the books,
the sheets of the bed, the blankets and the pillow;
you pace up and down the stairs,
you cry and scream,
where are the keys?
I look for the keys in silence,
I dare not talk
they do not appear,
you slam the door and leave
I sit at last and eat in silence
I am at peace for a bit and think
is this God´s will?

6 comentarios:

gautami tripathy dijo...

Liked it.

I hold myself in the doorway

Jeeves dijo...

Lovely. Lovely.

anthonynorth dijo...

Nicely done.

glowby dijo...

I've lived this scene too!

Anónimo dijo...

Oh, this was fabulous! I have been there and had that exact same thought you pose at the end.

You painted such vivid imagery... I really enjoyed the way things were flying around the room in the search for those (damn) keys, lol. This is one of my favorites...


Dee Martin dijo...

maybe I misunderstood, but this seemed painful as though the loss of the keys was just a signal of changes, possibly an ending to a relationship?