domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009


White is an allure
When my love is pure
I am on the meadow
When I feel like yellow
If you bend your face
I will turn blue pale
When we are in bed
I am usually in red
If you give me a kiss
I will dress in pink
If you are doomed by spleen
Your mouth will be green
I do not like the black
It is always so sad
When nothing to say
My dreams may turn gray
When the rainbow is born
I give him a caleidoscope

11 comentarios:

Vita Stunder dijo...

Beautiful work!!

Wish you a great week!

anthonynorth dijo...

An excellent take. The full spectrum there.

floreta dijo...

kaleidoscope is very colorful!

SandyCarlson dijo...

May life always be a kaleidoscope.

Anónimo dijo...

beautiful poem....what a stunning kleidoscope indeed..

Tumblewords: dijo...

A cast of hues - nice work!

Heliotropism dijo...

This is just absolutely colorful. I love the use of color in description painting a scene for all to relate! Magnificent!

Anónimo dijo...

A lovely colorful post with beautiful rhyme! :)

Jim dijo...

I liked this and was feeling every mood with your poet. Does your kaleidoscope have a purple? Mine does if I stick a purple marble in the end.

if dijo...

purple....yes Jim.....that is my favourite color :

in a handful of marbles
I will send you color purple

Patti dijo...

Love the array of colors!