domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

Humberstone mine (for OSI)

streams of light shining down
from the sun above to the ghost town

rubber tokens had no choice
for a miner had no voice

capricious drawings on the walls
remember now suffering calls

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anthonynorth dijo...

Haunting words. Excellent.

Anónimo dijo...

Able to bleach my mind. Impressed !

Please have a good new week.

daily athens

SandyCarlson dijo...

Wow. Must have been tough times for those miners. How many never came out?

Cynthia dijo...

Hello ~
Well-written, it is clear you
thought carefully on each word
to produce this timely poem.

Sandra.if dijo...

thanks ....I will add some extra information to this:
" the pampinos [men of the desert] are seen as the founders of South America's leftist political parties. The quest for better working conditions led to strikes and protests, of which the Santa Maria School of Iquique's Massacre in 1907 is probably the best known."

"Humberstone and Santa Laura are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; two mining towns that bring back the social lives of mineworkers their working conditions."

Tumblewords: dijo...

Powerful. Excellent piece.

Ramesh Sood dijo...

And to think, and remind others of those people.. through the nedium of a beautiful poem..needs a delicate and strong heart.. LOVED IT.THANK YOU...

Patti dijo...

nicely done- very poignant~