sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2008

A miracle

what is a miracle you asked
and I tell you without doubt
if you are able to go beyond
the limits of understanding
when a desire you have
that has been deep in your soul
becomes real and true
by the great power of thought

qué es un milagro preguntas
te lo digo sin dudar
que si puedes ir más allá
de lo que puedes comprender
y tienes un gran deseo
que está clavado en tu mente
éste se vuelve real y verdadero
por la fuerza del pensamiento

5 comentarios:

Giggles dijo...

It really does! Let's hope you've inspired a few more miracles!

Peace Giggles

Linda Jacobs dijo...

Yes, we are mostly responsible for our own miracles! Well said!

susan dijo...

Wow! Thanks for the read.

Anónimo dijo...

Miracle is there is every drop of our blood. We need to realise this and have to go just beyond our understanding. I liked the way you defined 'Miracle'! :)

TJ dijo...

Real and true by the great power of thought....I ike that!
Very insightful post.
of TJ'S Expressions
Septemeber 7, Miracles