lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

"Palomita" - Inspirado en la canción "A una paloma" de D.Vigliatti

white “palomita”
sad “palomita”
I sang to you before
as one in love

thin “palomita”
of hungry beak
your broken wing
does not allow you to feed

black “palomita”
of pink eye
grow your wing
grow your heart
and take flight!

14 comentarios:

anthonynorth dijo...

Lovely words with an inspiring ending.

Tumblewords: dijo...

Lovely images and plea sent wishes! Happy 2010 ~

if dijo...

thank you Anthony and Tumblewords...!

SandyCarlson dijo...

What a beautiful thought for the winged palomita.

Tammie Lee dijo...

such tender words~

Lorena dijo...

adorable poem for the adorable dove

lissa dijo...

I looked up "palomita" and it says doves but no matter, I think of winged creatures and their plight and perhaps the possibility of starting over after something bad happens, just like us, they have their sorrows and happiness

Sweetest in the Gale dijo...

Beautiful and encouraging words!

Amity Me dijo...

wonderful take on the prompt!

Jim dijo...

Hi Sandra, this reminds me of the dove who has her nest in the neighbor's bush adjoining our driveway. When her babies are just learning to fly some don't do too well.
Your "palomita" once was loved by the poet (mother??)(lover??) but after some problems the "thin" palomita must be nourshed enough to be able to leave the nest.

if dijo...

all your comments are adorable too.....:)

gabrielle dijo...

This is so lovely! To grow new wings and fly.
Wanted to listen to the song that inspired “Palomita” and discovered that Idea Vilarino died in Montevedeo late Tuesday at the age of 89. Your poem makes a beautiful eulogy.

black “palomita”
of pink eye
grow your wing

Patti dijo...

beautifully written! Thanks~

Anónimo dijo...


it was nicely written..