lunes, 25 de enero de 2010


yes when   I know what I want
a  word I like to use a lot
I walk assertive on  the road
sure decisions can´t  be wrong

7 comentarios:

Lorena dijo...

I like it, the poem has a nice structure to it

Diego Arenas C. dijo...

qué bonito es construir sobre decisiones con las cuales estamos de acuerdo y queremos,


lissa dijo...

yes, it's such a powerful word, it enforce an action somehow

anthonynorth dijo...

We need that confidence. Important words.

Andy Sewina dijo...

Yes! I think you've got it!!

I love your multi-lingual bits!

SandyCarlson dijo...

Beautiful, beautiful confidence!

if dijo...

thanks !!.........que bueno verte aquí Diego...:)