lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Ethics for Sunday Scribblings

with enormous joy
the moral of the autumn
does not need a choice

elastic ethics
born under unbalanced ground
a false aesthetics

life seems seductive
I  cross the line uncaring
goodness inactive

7 comentarios:

Lorena dijo...

I like this one, it's brief yet complicated,thought provoking

present dijo...

Innate goodness may be "inactive" yet is always present.
I love your quote, "If I had known I would have told you." It speaks to me of good intentions and of acting in the best interest of others.

Sandra (if) dijo...

thanks for your words...

Americanising Desi dijo...

wow... good words

Ha Ethical?

Obsidian Eagle (ItzQuauhtli) dijo...

Diminutiva pero efectiva!


Carlos Gesmundo dijo...

Profound lines. Thanks for sharing, Sandra.


Sandra (if) dijo...

Obsidian Eagle...:)