martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

CQ 40 CQ 40 speaking....(Messages for Sunday Scribblings)

When I was a child I used to spend  summer time  in Rinconada, a place in the Andes near Argentina . It was a beautiful but isolated place. My family talked with other people that were in the same living conditions using the radio: " CQ 40 CQ 40 hablando en banda de 40 metros" that was the first message or call given.
I was proud of using  those special  codes.
For example:
My QRA is Sandra and my QTH is in Rinconada, Chile. There is a lot of QRM today,I cannot hear you. Tell me the QTR to send the QTC
This codes could be questions or answers. To communicate with those messages it was fun...

4 comentarios:

Lorena dijo...

Isn't that what poetry is like? special codes to talk to people in and communicate across distances of time land and emotional landscape?

Jim dijo...

Sandra, did you have your license? If so, do you still have it?

I am K1TLT and have been licensed since 1961. Right now I am not working the high frequencies but do have a two meter FM rig going for working with the local repeaters.

Back in my novice days I worked a lot of 40 meters, mostly on CW. I also did quite a bit of 10 meter phone work.

88's and 73's,

Sandra (if) dijo...

Jim....I only used my uncle´s radio...I did not have a license...I think the identification was CE6EL or 6EL (?)

Tom Bailey dijo...

Radio things like this seem like a lost art - this is very interesting to read.

Thanks for sharing it.

Tom Bailey