domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

"Junk" for Sunday Scribblings


Diogenes in old times
like a beggar spent his life

living proudly like a dog

rejecting material comfort
he could instictively know

what was friend or who was foe

why your name has been applied

to a behavioural disorder
characterised by self neglect and hoarding?
I want to replevy you and assure

that your intention was pure

7 comentarios:

Patois dijo...

Bravo! This is wonderful! Thank you for writing and then sharing this.

anthonynorth dijo...

Great writing. Diogenes was quite a fellow.

Tumblewords: dijo...

Wonderfully insightful!

Heliotropism dijo...

Magnificent. Absolutely marvelous.

Jim dijo...

Very nice! I always liked Diogenes. But then I like dogs too.
Thank you for peeking in on my OSI. I do hope you will be writing for the 'conquest' prompt?

Dee Martin dijo...

Very interesting post - would have nver though about Diogenes

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) dijo...

intersting take :)